SOLD — Persian Gabbeh Rug — 7 ft. 8 in. by 6 ft. 7 in. — $659



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Bold authentic Persian gabbeh rug woven by tribal Qashqai weavers. 100% natural wool. Thick and heavy! This is not one of the Indian knockoffs that are light and poorly woven but try to mimic traditional Persian pieces and their color palette.

Fairly square at 7 ft. 8 in. by 6 ft. 7 in. Excellent overall condition with little signs of wear. 1970s. This is a rug that could be placed in a high foot traffic area. Galloping Great Danes? No problem. This rug will hold its own. Kelim style ends are tucked and sewn underneath for protection.

Price is $659. Fairly heavy rug — shipping in continental U.S. is $69. Free pickup is an option, too.


Please email me with questions. Thank you.

(G0036 O94)

SOLD — Qashqai Tribal Rug with Quintet of Medallions — 9 ft. by 5 ft. 5 in — $595


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Stunning tribal rug from the Zagros Mountains of southwest Iran. Fantastic geometric design with many intricate details. Traditional Qashqai medallions with tree of life motifs and multiple icons. Ivory, crimson, green, and black are the primary colors.

Four corner medallions surrounding a central ivory medallion on a crimson field. 100% natural wool. 1950s. Out of my personal collection.

Very good condition with only minimal signs of wear. A vibrant and powerful piece of tribal art work! Reasonably heavy and solid for its size so it can handle high foot traffic. Fantastic statement piece– dynamic art for your floor!

The Qashqai are a confederation of 5 distinct tribal groups who banded together in a political alliance in the 19th century. Another confederation — the Khamseh (which means 5 in Arabic) — formed in the 19th century as a counterbalance to the Qashqai. The rugs of these tribes are quite similar in many respects.

The size is 9 ft. by 5 ft. 5 in.

Please email me with questions or to request added photos. Thank you.

Price of this rug is $595. Shipping is $43 with an option of free pickup if you’re living close by.


Thank you.

(Q0057 O49)

SOLD — 1920s Antique Persian Sarouk Rug — 12 ft. by 9 ft. $2,795

SK0017_12-1x9_PPO70_05w SK0017_12-1x9_PPO70_10w

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Gorgeous antique 1920s-1930s ‘American’ Sarouk rug from Iran. The rug is in remarkably good condition for its age. Overall, one of the best of this era that I’ve encountered. The ends and side cords are original! These rugs are highly prized by carpet collectors. Exact size is 12 ft. 1 in. by 9 ft. Natural wool pile on cotton warp.

Pile wear is minimal but with some scattered cotton knot heads (white dots). On one end the cotton kilim style ending is in fantastic condition; the other cotton fringe has a little fraying in spots but NO LOSS to the pile on either end of the rug. No repairs that I can find — front or back. Other than modest wear, the rug has amazingly few flaws. The side cord is slightly pushed under near one end. Possibly it was pressed up against a piece of furniture for decades. It is not noticeable and ridiculously minor but there is so little wrong with this rug that I have to think of something.

Although the rug is very clean, this price includes a free hand-washing if desired (turnaround time is about 10 days to 2 weeks for washing). The scattered white knot heads can also be touched up so they disappear upon request. Many rug galleries do these touch ups automatically on antique rugs but this rug has never had it done.

The rug remains amazingly solid and is suitable for a high foot traffic area. But perhaps it deserves a little pampering? The rug is absolutely guaranteed to be an authentic Persian Sarouk from 1920s to 1930s.

Yes, you can return it if you are not totally thrilled but I ask the buyer to handle the shipping cost (roughly $60).

Blue wefts (visible from the back) — one of the hallmarks of authentic antique Sarouk rugs. The rug’s primary color is a variegated deep rich rosy red with additions of blue, olive, and green.

Persian Heriz Rug from Ahar — 12 ft. 5 in. by 9 ft. 5 in. — $1,350 — SOLD


Large Persian Heriz Rug HE0090_12-5x9-5_O139_07w HE0090_12-5x9-5_O139_09w HE0090_12-5x9-5_O139_10w HE0090_12-5x9-5_O139_21w HE0090_12-5x9-5_O139_22w HE0090_12-5x9-5_O139_27w


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(This Heriz has been sold.)


Traditional Persian Serapi Heriz rug with a large central medallion. Fantastic vintage rug, extremely solid and heavy, with thick pile & a dazzling motif. Some pile wear from normal use. No holes or weak areas, etc. Some abrash (natural color variegation) in the reds and greens; also, moderate fading in the blacks along the border. Natural wool woven onto natural cotton. 1940s – 1950s.

Estate rug from Europe. Professionally WASHED! Clean and free of all odors. Very HEAVY! This rug can be placed in a high foot traffic area without worry. Extra PHOTOS available upon request!

This is an authentic Heriz rug from northwest Iran and was woven near Ahar. These rugs are produced in the villages scattered across the slopes of Mount Sabalan, northeast of Tabriz.

The Heriz rug has became one of the best known styles of Persian rugs in the world & is often copied. It is an extremely durable & hard-wearing rug. One of the alleged reasons for the toughness of Heriz carpets is that Mount Sabalan sits on a major deposit of copper. Trace copper in the drinking water of the sheep supposedly produces high quality wool. The copper makes the wool stronger and far more resilient than wool from other areas.

Heriz rugs originate in towns such as Ahar, Heris, Mehraban, Sarab (Serapi), Bakhshaish, and Gorevan. Many of the weavers in this region, which borders the old Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan, are native Turkish speakers.

The rug is $1,350.00. It can be picked up in person in the East Bay, Santa Cruz, or Montery. Shipping is an option but it will be around $125 or so with FedEx as the rug weighs over a hundred pounds. You can pay with a check, money order, or Paypal.

Please email me with questions or to request more photos. Thank you.

(HE0090 O139)