Large Turkish Taspinar Rug — 11 ft. 9 in. by 6 ft. — $549


Mesmerizing large Turkish rug from Taspinar in central Anatolia. Strong bold colors with very fine detail and elegant weaving. This is a large and dramatic size for this style of rug, which are often woven as a wedding dowry or as an important family centerpiece.

Taspinar is located in central Turkey just south of the world famous region of Cappadocia– one of Turkey’s most touted tourist destinations. It is also located fairly close to Konya, which has been a source of illustrious Turkish carpets for several centuries.

This area in Anatolia produces a high quality wool with a silky feel. The rich lanolin in the wool is what makes the rug feel as if it was woven from silk. 100% natural wool. The design combines bold geometric elements with displays of plants and foliage.

Good condition with some normal wear in areas. Some spots of reddish dye diffusion, mainly on one end (photo 2). Because of the dramatic colors, primarily crimson and deep blue, the diffusion smudges are hardly noticeable. 1950s.

A fairly supple weave so not ideal for a super high foot traffic area without a simple mesh pad to help keep it in place on slippery tile or hardwood.

11 ft. 9 in. by 6 ft. Please email me with questions or to arrange a purchase. You can also buy it right now in the Shop.

The rug is $549. Shipping is $55 or free local pickup.

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(TP0001 O23)

Stunning Kazak Rug — Green, Magenta & Blue — 8 ft. 9 in. by 6 ft. 3 in. $749


Mesmerizing old vintage rug with blue and mint medallions on a red magenta field.

Possibly too bold for some–but the colors are really electrifying if you want to enliven a living space. Colors approach a psychedelic intensity.

Very good condition with even minor wear to the pile. Pile was clipped short by the weaver to show off the triple medallion Kazak motif and prominent floral borders. 100% natural wool. 1960s. Most likely from Karabakh (also Karabagh) region or Soviet Dagestan. Or possibly eastern Anatolia.

This is a rug that would make a statement in any room although not a perfect match for a paisley sofa and floral wallpaper. And not for the faint of heart. Exact size is 8 ft. 9 in. by 6 ft. 3 in.

Price is $749. Shipping is $43 or free pickup is a possible option.

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(TZ0008      N19)