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Qashqai Green horse rug





O, you painters who seek to know color, study carpets and therein you will find all knowledge.” – Paul Gauguin


If you have questions or would like to arrange to purchase a handmade carpet, you can contact me directly through email or a text message.

You can text me directly at 510 239-8728  (Please text rather than call as it’s much easier to check.)

I recommend you skip using the website cart by contacting me directly. I take PayPal and Venmo and possibly Zelle. Also, I may be able to offer you a better shipping rate depending on your location.

You can email me directly at:    cattledogsrule44@gmail.com                   or


If you are in a hurry, the website cart is effective and fast.

Dingo Gallery uses WooCommerce, which allows payment through Paypal using a credit or debit card. You can also use your Paypal account directly if you are already set up with them.

The payment system uses secure professional encryption so all data is safe.

Payment by U.S. postal money order, or cash (at pickup) are all options as well. Venmo is also very popular.

If you want to pay by check or money order, please contact me for mailing instructions.

Thank you!


                  Navigating the Site


I will be listing many additional handmade antique and vintage rugs from now in the fall and winter of 2023 through 2024  — please check back often.


When shopping for rugs and other items, you can enter the Shop section in the menu bar above, and easily peruse all the available listed handmade carpets and purchase them.

You can also use the main menu bar and sub-menus to access specific rugs within the shop section.

There is also a general search box on this page, on the right, just above the categories list. Additionally, the right sidebar contains a handful of items for sale, a list of gallery categories, and a search box for locating available items.

At the bottom of the page are links to Categories, Archives, and Dingo Gallery Essentials. The Categories, however, are only for exploring different types of rugs and objects. They do NOT link to items in the Shop that are currently for sale. Again, when shopping for rugs please go to my Shop section or use the main menu above to search for rugs.

My site is encrypted and the shopping cart is linked to Paypal. You can use your credit card without having your own Paypal account. If you prefer to pay by Venmo, check or money order, please contact me.

Additionally, there are pages that provide general information on oriental rugs, Native American textiles, and tribal masks. These pages include numerous links and suggestions for further reading.


Eventually, I will also be listing tribal masks from Mexico, Guatemala and Africa, Navajo and Zuni jewelry, and paintings from around the world. That will be an option in the fall of 2024 once I reduce my oriental rug inventory.


Dingo Surveying Arizona

Mister Dingo


                    About the Dingo Gallery


I was a long time seller on Etsy (and previously on EBay). However, as those sites have grown in popularity — the rules have become more restrictive and entangled, the fees have increased for sellers, and the proliferation of shoddy and mislabeled merchandise has expanded.

By developing my own site I can exercise more control over the layout and appearance–particularly the photography. Commercial sites such as EBay, Etsy and Chairish control most of the design elements, and there are also sizable fees for listing there, which forces me to raise my prices as well.

By selling through my own site and avoiding additional fees, I can usually offer buyers better prices.

The site presents an eclectic mix of art, rugs and antiques from around the world. Most of the objects are currently located in Northern California, and with prearrangement, can be picked up.  For non-local buyers within the U.S., shipping is provided through FedEx or the U.S. postal service. International shipping is possible, especially with smaller items, but needs to be arranged first. (Prices are in U.S. dollars.)

Most everything offered has been collected by me over several decades; occasionally, I may offer an exceptional piece on consignment. Initially, I am primarily offering handwoven rugs and textiles, but I’ll expand that to a number of other categories over the next year or two. Nations, regions, and tribes will provide many of the categories, and I will try to provide as much description, background, and provenance as possible.

The range of objects includes handmade and traditional crafts, such as carpets, kilims, Native American jewelry, statues, masks, and paintings. Many of the pieces have ethnographic significance, particularly the textiles, dance masks, African art, and native jewelry. Since the gallery listings are still in an early stage, some categories may be presently empty.

Eventually the Dingo Gallery will present antique and vintage busts, statues, prints, and Soviet political art that are not handcrafted. ‘Eclectic’ and ‘global’ offer enough leeway to capture most all of the collection. These listings will need to wait until fall of 2024 while I focus on dispersing the antique and vintage rugs.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or wish to arrange a purchase. There is a contact form at the bottom of the page although I recommend email or text. You can email me at:      cattledogsrule44@gmail.com 

Thank you.



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