• Baluchi carpet -- Iran
  • Baluchi carpet -- Iran
  • Tribal Balouch Turkoman Rug

Baluchi Tribal Rug — 8 ft. by 4 ft.


Plush pristine tribal rug with thick wool!

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Traditional tribal Baluch rug with an intricate field motif on a burgundy red field.

An impressively large size for a Baluchi rug as most are fairly small.


Excellent overall condition with almost no signs of wear.

Thick and heavy for its size. This is a solid and very well crafted carpet that can be used in a high foot traffic area.

This carpet was woven by a Baluchi weaver in Persian Baluchistan, which is in Southeast Iran.

Aside from the main field colors, the design includes white, black, blue, teal and orange.

Baluchi weavers prefer dark reds and burgundy for their rugs.

Natural wool rug. In Iran the Baluchi often use cotton for the warp, but among the nomadic Baluchi, the rugs are almost always woven entirely from wool.

Exact size is 8 ft. by 4 ft. 1970s.

Last photo with silver dollar shows the backside of the carpet.

Baluchi tribal weavers — also Balouch — reside in an arid desert region that adjoins Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. About half of Baluch people live in Baluchistan, a western province of Pakistan, and about 40% of the Baluch are settled in the Sindh Province.

They make up nearly 3.6% of the Pakistani population, about 2% of Iran’s population (1.5 million) and about 2% of Afghanistan’s population.

Most of their rugs are small to medium in size, hardly surprising for nomads often living out of tents, and feature dark colors. They mainly speak the Baluchi language, a branch of the Northwestern Iranian languages.

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