• Leshgi Star Caucasian rug
  • Caucasian Carpet
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  • Leshgi Star Caucasian rug
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Caucasian Leshgi Star Kazak Rug — 4 ft. by 3 ft. 6 in.


Amazing square Caucasian Rug

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Unusual square Leshghi star motif with a mix of colors, including several reds, beige, black, salmon, bronze, ivory and blue.

Although not an antique (which could cost thousands of dollars in this condition), it holds true to the traditions and fine quality that have made Caucasian carpets so admired by collectors.

These are sometimes known as Kazak rugs, or Kuba, or Shirvan based partly on suppositions of origin and partly on overall motif.

Excellent overall condition with almost no signs of wear on the wool pile.

Woven from fine soft natural wool pile with a cotton warp and weft. The long cotton fringes, slightly yellowing with age, or in overall very good condition.

The side cords are also in excellent shape.

This carpet is out of a European estate. Guaranteed as an authentic Caucasian handwoven rug.

The exact size is 4 ft. by 3 ft. 6 in. The last photo with the Morgan silver dollar shows the fine weaving from the backside.

Natural wool woven onto natural cotton. 1960s.

The rug was woven in the Caucasus Mountains of the Soviet Union, which included the now independent countries of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan — as well as Dagestan and Chechnya which remain a part of the Russian Federation.

This rug was most likely woven in the area of Dagestan.

World renowned for geographic befuddlement, many Americans are unfamiliar with these regions, which have produced some of the finest handmade rugs in the world.

As the acerbic American writer, Ambrose Bierce, a contemporary of Mark Twain, wrote: “War is God’s way of teaching Americans geography.”

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