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Large Antique Green Art Deco Nichols Rug — 12 ft. by 9 ft.


Vivid Green & Magenta Antique ‘Art Deco’ Nichols

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Elegant antique ‘Art Deco’ Chinese Rug featuring a forest green primary field and wide magenta border. Condition is fair with general wear and knot-heads scattered across the rug. The cotton fringes and side cords are still in very good condition.

Bouquets of flowers, including a lovely blue, provide the understated motif. This rich dark green is uncommon in Nichols rugs.

Despite the general wear the rug does not have holes or weak spots, and can be used even in a high traffic area or under a dining room table without concern. Nichols’ rugs are densely woven and legendary for their toughness and durability.

The rug has been washed and not used since.

Natural wool on natural cotton. Woven in the 1920s-1930s. Exact size is 11 ft. 8 in. by 9 ft. 3 in.

This would be an ideal rug for someone who appreciates the Art Deco aesthetics of the Walter Nichols carpets and is not uncomfortable with visible wear in an antique rug.

The history of the Nichols rugs of the 1930s era:

Walter Nichols is the best known manufacturer of these Chinese rugs, but other companies were weaving very similar high quality rugs for the American home in the 1920s and 1930s. They are highly collectible today and noted for their ironclad durability. (One jaundiced rug ‘expert’ lamented that they are difficult to eradicate because they are virtually indestructible.)

“The Nichols name has come to be used almost synonymously with the ‘Chinese deco’ rugs manufactured in Tientsin in the 1920s and 1930s. Nichols did not originate the Chinese deco style, but he did a great deal to popularize it and to maintain its high standards of manufacture.”

Of course, after the expanded Japanese invasion of China in 1937, the enlargement of the Second World War, and then the Communist Revolution in mainland China in 1949, the era of the Nichols rugs ended. However, they continued to exert an influence on rug production in the People’s Republic of China.

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