• Black Carpet Soumak Pakistan
  • Black Carpet Soumak Pakistan

Large Black Tabriz Floral Motif Rug – 9 ft. 8 in. by 7 ft. 9 in.


Impressively balanced black field carpet in mint condition!

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Impressive large handmade carpet showcasing an intricate Tabriz style floral motif on a striking black field. This finely woven carpet uses a soumak and rug hybrid weaving technique. The soumak weave technique employs weft face wrapping on the warp threads.

Unusual and ambitious for a weaver to combine pile rug heft and weight with a soumak weave.

The carpet is in pristine condition. Colors include gold, green, sage, salmon and blue.

Fringes and side-cords are in perfect condition. Finely woven.

Enchanting handwoven rug from Pakistan. Black field color is very uncommon.

Wool woven onto cotton warp and weft. The rug is solid and can be placed in an area of high foot traffic.

Exact size is 9 ft. 8 in. by 7 ft. 9 in.

Last photo with Morgan silver dollar shows the backside of the rug.

Shipping is $69 within the continental U.S. Or free pickup in Tucson, Arizona. (Free pickup in Tucson through April. I will be moving out of Tucson in April.)

Please email me with questions. Thank you.


(PK0026   O86)