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Large Blue Persian Sarouk – Mahal Rug — 12 ft. 8 in. by 9 ft.


Amazing Persian carpet with a dark blue field and radiant center medallion.

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Amazing large Sarouk – Mahal style Persian carpet. A wide dark navy blue field surrounds a radiant blue and tan medallion.

This semi-geometric design and dark blue color is uncommon in the large rugs of this region of Iran.

Good condition with a reasonable amount of pile wear across the interior of the rug. Aside from moderate pile wear, there are two tiny deeper cosmetic spots less than a dime in size. (Closeup photo is provided in the gallery.)

The short cotton fringes are in very good condition with a faint touch of blue probably from an earlier washing. The side cords are in excellent condition and were professionally recast at some point.

Despite some wear the rug is very solid and can handle high foot traffic with ease. No holes, weak spots, or unraveling ends, etc.

Exact size is 12 ft. 8 in. by 9 ft. Natural wool pile on cotton warp. 1960s. Very heavy.

Sarouk carpets derive their name from an obscure Persian village located near Arak (formerly Sultanabad). Over a short span this village produced some of the most highly regarded Persian weavings of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Mahal rugs (from near the city of Mahallat) are often similar to those from Sarouk, and there has been much creative cross-pollination. Geographically, they are neighbors: both are in the Markazi Province and relatively close to the large city of Arak.

In ancient times Mahallat was an important center for Zoroastrianism. The city is one of the major producers and exporters of flowers in Iran, and every September it holds a flower festival. There are remains of Hellenistic architecture from Alexander the Great’s stay in Mahallat, as well as fire temple ruins dating from the Zoroastrianism era.

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