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  • Persian Medallion Floral rug
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Large Persian Isfahan Rug — 12 ft. by 8 ft. 8 in.


“O, you painters who seek to know color, study carpets and therein you will find all knowledge.” –Paul Gauguin

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Large vintage Persian Isfahan medallion rug from central Iran.

Overall condition is good for a vintage carpet with some areas of wear and some color inconsistency on one end.

Large heavy rug and quite solid, and can be used in a busy area of the home such as living room or dining area.

The CU photo with the Morgan silver dollar coin shows the backside of the carpet.

Classic Persian floral carpet from the beautiful garden city of Isfahan, which is often spelled as Esfahan.

Traditional Isfahan colors with several shades of blue, crimson, ivory, cream, silver, and peach.

Exact size is 12 ft. by 8 ft. 8 in.

A vintage Persian carpet, most likely from the 1960s.

Natural wool pile on natural cotton warp.

Isfahan was once one of the largest and most important cities in Central Asia, positioned as it is on the crossroads of the main north-south and east-west trade routes that cross Central Asia. The city was the splendid capital of the Seljuq and Safavid dynasties, and is renowned for its beauty, which has given rise to the Iranian saying that “Isfahan is half the world”.

The weavers who work on these rugs use a wide palette of bold colors in their work but the predominant colors that are featured include indigo, bright red and deep blue on a background of ivory.

The designs of these rugs are symmetrical and balanced, with palmettos and vines surrounding a single distinct medallion.

A highly durable carpet that can be used in a high foot traffic area of the home or under a table and chairs in a dining room.

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(I0023 O70)