Large Persian Mashad Rug — 12 ft. 6 in. by 9 ft. 9 in.


Fantastic Persian Mashad medallion and floral carpet.

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Elegant vintage Persian handmade carpet from Mashad, Iran.

Overall condition is excellent with some very minimal areas of pile wear, and a few very faint spots. The side cords and cotton fringes are in great shape.

Mashad is a major city in the Khorasan region of Persia, located in the northeast of the country. The name means ‘rising sun’. The carpets are somewhat similar to those from Sabzevar, which is about 220 kilometers to the west.

Vibrant rug with dramatic colors and an intricate medallion and floral motif. The field is a crimson red. Other colors include black, green, indigo blue, turquoise, tan, and white.

The rug is extremely solid and can be used in a high foot traffic area or under a dining room table, etc.

Mashad weavers prefer rich plush colors, and the carpet features brick red, indigo blue, burnt orange, white, turquoise, grayish blue, burgundy, black, green, gold, and other highlights.

This is the kind of motif — a large medallion, elegant corners, and an arabesque of swirling vines and flowers — that many people expect in a Persian carpet.

Tightly woven from natural wool and natural cotton. 1970s. Exact size is 12 ft. 6 in by 9 ft. 9 in.

Shipping is $99 within the continental U.S. (The rug is quite thick and heavy– close to a 100 pounds.)

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(M0027 O105)