• Yalameh Iran greek key
  • Yalameh Iran greek key
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Large Persian Yalameh Style Geometric Rug – 10 ft. 5 in. by 7 ft. 3 in.


Geometric Earth-tone Persian rug!

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Large geometric tribal rug from the Zagros Mountains of Southwest Iran. It is woven similar to some Yalameh rugs but with more subdued colors and a more open field design.

Excellent overall condition with almost no signs of wear on the wool pile. No holes or weak spots.

Soft natural wool pile and gentle earth-tone colors.

The geometric pattern is woven with an array of diamond medallions and interlinked patterns.

Colors include brown, olive green, black, and ivory. A version of the ‘Greek key’ design is woven on the outer border.

The motif is a traditional Persian tribal design, most likely from the Shiraz region of Southwest Iran where weavers are often from the Qashqai tribal federation.

Woven from 100% natural wool and cotton. This is a solid rug that can be used in a high foot traffic area of the home.

The motif is similar to some Navajo rugs and would complement Southwestern interiors.

The exact size is 10 ft. 5 in. by 7 ft. 3 in. 1970s.

The Qashqai are a confederation of 5 distinct tribal groups who banded together in a political alliance in the 19th century.

Another confederation — the Khamseh (which means 5 in Arabic) — formed in the 19th century as a counterbalance to the Qashqai. The rugs of all of these tribes are quite similar in many respects.

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(Y0026  O162)