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Large Signed Persian Viss Rug — 13 ft. by 9 ft.

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Stunning, bold geometric Viss rug in mint condition.

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Stunning, bold geometric Viss rug in mint condition. Colors are vivid with an orangey brick red, dark indigo blue, turquoise, olive green, and tan.

The rug is woven from thick wool pile on natural cotton warp. Signed by the master weaver.

Cotton fringe is short as is typical for rugs from this region. Vintage piece from the 1970s.

Very solid rug that can handle being in a high foot traffic area. Out of my personal collection.

Vis is a small town located near the city of Golpayegan, Iran — in the district of the same name. (Vis is also spelled Viss, Wiss & Vist in the English and German oriental carpet literature — just to keep us off balance.) The carpets are woven in central Iran in a region already famous in the rug trade for such rugs as Sarouk and Mahal.

Vis has an eclectic mix of Kurds, Azeri (Turkish), and Bakhtiari nomadic people. These tribes have influenced the rugs and carpets produced in the city, which carry a dazzling and distinctive geometric tribal motif, typically rendered in bold crimson & blues. Vis weavers use this motif on about 90% of the rugs they produce, which are surprisingly similar to the Kazak, Kuba, and Caucasian carpets far to the northwest.

Look for the small blue mountain goat or ram in each corner, another distinctive hallmark. (Blue Goat Group?)  Last photo shows the back of the rug.

Size is 13 ft. by 9 ft. This rug is electric enough to light up a dungeon. It will be the centerpiece of any room.

Shipping $99 because the size and weight of this heavy rug. Free local pickup is also an option.

Please email me with questions. Thank you.


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