• Nepal Tibet mid century modern rug
  • Nepal Tibet Handwoven Rug
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  • Nepal Tibet mid century modern rug
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Nepal — Handwoven Modern Carpet — 10 ft. 2 in. by 6 ft. 7 in.


Contemporary Nepalese Rug in Mint Condition!

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Cream, brown and tan handwoven contemporary style rug from Nepal.

Difficult to photograph a creamy white rug outdoors. The best indication of the colors are in the closeup photos.

Condition is mint and the rug appears unused. Plush and thick.

Side cords and cotton fringes are in superb shape.

Contemporary or modern style carpets tend to showcase uncluttered fields and minimalist designs. They often work better with mid century, modern or contemporary styles and decor than the more baroque and intricate floral Persian carpets of yesteryear.

Woven from 100% natural wool and cotton.

Woven in Nepal, which has a rich history of handmade carpet weaving. Most of my rugs are Persian but I have a few from Nepal, Turkey and other carpet weaving regions of the world.

This is a solid rug that can handle lively foot traffic anywhere in the home.

This rug could work well in a range of decors, including modern and mid-century.

Exact size is 10 ft. 2 ft. 6 ft. 7 in. 1990s — to present.

Shipping will be $55 within continental U.S.

Please email me with questions. Thank you.


(NE0016 i11)