• Persian Floral Village Rug
  • Persian Floral Village Rug
  • Borchelu Persian Art Deco Rug
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Persian ‘Art Deco’ Borchelu Rug — 10 ft. 2 in. by 5 ft. 2 in.


Lovely village floral rug in mint condition.

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Lovely vintage Persian village carpet with traditional central medallion and an elaborate floral field design.

Condition is nearly mint with almost no signs of wear on the wool pile. Fringes and side cords are also in great shape.

The carpet shows some similarities to Hosseinabad and Lilihan rugs, but falls more precisely into a category often labeled as Borchelu, originating in Northwest Iran.

Colors include several shades of red, black, white, gold, olive, blue, and green.

The rug has thick plush wool pile. Last photo with silver dollar shows the backside of the carpet.

Natural wool on natural cotton. Exact size is 10 ft. 2 in. by 5 ft. 2 in. 1970s.

This rug is heavy for its size, and can be used in a high foot traffic area of the home.

Many Borchelu rugs have an ‘art deco’ look to them and are similar to Sarouk and Mahal rugs– especially from the era of the 1920s and 1930s.

Shipping is $43 within continental U.S.

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(BU0005    N19)