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Persian Qashqai Blue Animal Rug — 10 ft. 6 in. by 7 ft. 1 in.


Elegant Qashqai rug signed with the Javidi family name.

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Vibrant signed and dated tribal rug from the Zagros Mountains region of Southwest Iran.

The signing and dating are woven, surprisingly, in Western script and numerals although the date (1778) is Persian. 1778 in the Persian Calendar is the equivalent of 1999 in the Western calendar so the rug is 2 decades old.

Javidi is a Persian family name. There is also the letter M or possibly W, which is probably refering to the weaver’s first name.

Condition is mint, almost like new. Fairly thick wool pile.

The carpet displays traditional small Qashqai stylized flowers and plants although the little blue animals with butterfly ears are one of a kind!

Crimson red, a yellow cream, blue, white, green, gray, orange, and black are the main colors.

Woven from 100% natural wool — including the warp and weft.

Last photo with Morgan silver dollar displays the back of the rug.

The exact size is 10 ft. 6 in. by 7 ft. 1 in.

The Qashqai are a confederation of 5 distinct tribal groups who banded together in a political alliance in the 19th century.

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(Q0183 O228)