Persian Qashqai Purple Lion Rug – 6 ft. 11 in. by 3 ft. 10 in. ON HOLD


Tribal rug with a happy lion on a red field.

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Charming vintage tribal rug from the Zagros Mountains of Southwest Iran.

The carpet displays a lion with a purple mane on a red field.

Bold vibrant colors including red, orange, yellow, green, black, blue and un-dyed gray wool field.

Very pleasing tribal abrash (variegation in wool dye batches) in the reds and natural tan-gray.

Although lion imagery in Qashqai rugs is not uncommon, the weaver has crafted a unique artistic vision in this carpet.

Excellent overall condition with only minor signs of wear, consisting of a few ‘knot-heads’ that could be easily colored away.

Woven from 100% natural wool — including the warp and weft, which is typical for Qashqai tribal pieces. As these were nomadic people who raised sheep, not farmers who grew cotton, they used their own locally produced natural wool. That tradition generally continues.

Last photo with Morgan silver dollar displays the back of the rug.

The exact size is 6 ft. 11 in. by 3 ft. 10 in. 1960s.

The Qashqai are a confederation of 5 distinct tribal groups who banded together in a political alliance in the 19th century. Another confederation — the Khamseh (which means 5 in Arabic) — formed in the 19th century as a counterbalance to the Qashqai. The rugs of these tribes are quite similar in many respects.

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