• Qashqai Tribal Lion Rug Q0110
  • Qashqai Tribal Lion Rug Q0110
  • Qashqai Tribal Lion Rug Q0110

Persian Tribal Qashqai Lion Rug — 6 ft. by 4 ft.


Large stylized lion on a crimson red field.

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Superb overall condition with no signs of wear. 100% natural wool –including the warp & weft, which is typical for traditional Qashqai rug weaving.

Large lion on a crimson red field. Stylized flowers, mountain goats, and possibly rabbits frame the regal lion. Also, there are white geese or ducks in the scene.

Large wild cats are a traditional Qashqai motif and they almost always depict lions. The figures of lions are iconic animals in Persian history.

Lustrous colors and artistic detail. A solid thick rug so it could be placed in a high foot traffic area or a child’s bedroom.

Woven by the Qashqai tribe in the Zagros Mountains of southwest Iran. 1970s — 1980s. The size is  6 ft.  by 4 ft.

Shipping will be $43 for this thick and fairly heavy tribal rug made of natural wool.

Please email me with questions or to request more photos. Thank you.

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