Persian Village Shiraz Vase Motif Rug — 9 ft. 4 in. by 4 ft. 8 in. SOLD


Eye-catching impressionistic vase motif!

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Amazing vintage tribal rug from the Zagros Mountains of Southwest Iran.

It is woven with the field colors of a gabbeh rug but using an unusual vase and floral repeating motif. Wonderful colors including greens, tan, brown, gold, and blue.

Excellent overall condition with only minor wear on the pile. Thick and plush. The rug is not a perfect rectangle. Village rugs, especially those woven from 100% wool, can easily get out of square over the decades.

The pattern and colors are done like an impressionistic painting.

Woven from 100% natural wool — including the warp and weft.

Photo with Morgan silver dollar displays the back of the rug.

The exact size is 9 ft. 4 in. by 4 ft. 8 in. 1970s.

Shipping will be $43 within the continental U.S.

Please email me with questions. Thank you.


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