• Lenkoran Caucasian Bird Rug
  • Lenkoran Caucasian Bird Rug
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Runner — Lenkoran Bird Rug – 10 ft. by 3 ft. 6 in.


Stunning art for your floor! Featuring multiple birds similar to those in Ardabil carpets.

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Geometric village runner from the Meshkin region of Northwest Iran. This borders Azerbaijan and the Shirvan carpet production region.

Classic Lenkoran motif often seen in both Caucasian and Persian rugs from this area. Colors include reds, light yellow, salmon or pink, tan, brown, blacks, and cream.

Light brown is often un-dyed camel wool in Sarab and Meshkin rugs. I don’t see any camel wool in this runner, however.

Meshkin rugs are similar to Sarabi runners although they typically use different field colors with Meshkin rugs opting for reds, orange and dark blues versus tans for the Sarabi.

This runner is plush with medium even pile. Tiny repair near one end where it was stitched. Not visible in the photos as it is really small and hard to see.

Art for your floor! Featuring multiple birds similar to those in Ardabil carpets.

Overall condition is excellent. The cotton fringes and side cords are in fine shape.

Last photo with Morgan silver dollar shows the backside of the carpet.

Meshkin rugs are quite well made and durable. Exact size is 10 ft. by 3 ft. 6 in.

Wool woven onto cotton warp. 1970s  Out of a European Estate.

This is a traditional design going back well into the 19th century and earlier.

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