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Runner — Persian Karajeh Heriz Rug — 11 ft. 6 in. by 3 ft. 2 in.


Eye-dazzling Persian village hooked medallion rug with vibrant colors!

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Dazzling village runner from northwest Iran near the border with Azerbaijan.

This is a traditional Karajeh carpet motif, with its hooked medallions and intricate design elements.

Karajeh rugs are closely related to the Heriz rugs from the same region. This is a tribal area that often weaves runners that are long and narrow, which work well in Western hallways.

Excellent overall condition with almost no signs of wear on the wool pile. The cotton fringes are in great condition without any real wear. The cotton fringe is longer on one end, but this is how it was originally woven as the weaver will start and end the warp threads with a different flourish. The side cords are in fine shape.

This carpet is out of a German estate but remains in fine condition.

Wool woven onto cotton warp. Intricate eye-dazzling motif with rich colors.

Exact size is 11 ft. 6 in. by 3 ft. 2 in. 1970s.

There are multiple spellings for the village of Karadja– including Gharajeh– in the English and German rug books describing their wonderful carpets and runners.

More spellings! “Karadagh rug or Karaja rug handmade in or near the village of Qarājeh (Karaja), in the Qareh Dāgh (Karadagh) region of Iran just south of the Azerbaijan border, northeast of Tabrīz.”

Karajeh weavers craft some of the finest runners made in Iran. Karajeh is a collection point on the western edge of the Heriz production area.

The rug is single wefted and has medium length pile.

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