Rugs at Home

Lisa M. purchased several wonderful Persian carpets from me, including this Herati motif Heriz (under the dining table), and a tribal Nahavand medallion rug.

Lisa M. — Persian Herati Motif Heriz from Northwest, Iran


A Persian village Nahavand rug in the home of Lisa M.


Nancy F. purchased a very old Persian tribal Mazlaghan rug from me. Here it is at home:

Photo by Nancy F.


Marie N. has purchased numerous rugs over the years, all loved by her canine crew!


Annie the Labrador roughing it on her rug.


Gus enjoying his Moroccan rug.


Mabel hanging out with her rug.


Gus showing how to properly enjoy a handmade oriental carpet.




Irina K. bought a lovely village Sarouk rug to complement her Middle Eastern decor.


Sarouk with Middle Eastern accoutrements.

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