• Kurdish Antique Rug with Flowers
  • Kurdish Antique Rug with Flowers

Antique Kurdish Flower Rug — 6 ft. 9 in. by 4 ft. 2 in.


Wonderful bright bold floral motif with flowers glowing like small suns on the rug.

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Antique Kurdish floral rug from northern Iran with highly saturated colors, including indigo blue, grayish green, and several reds and golds.

Some wear on the wool pile with a few low spots. I am not sure if the side cords are original but the indigo blue is a perfect match with the other dyes so they may be. They have some light wear.

Fringes are in great shape — especially considering the age.

Professionally washed! It came out of an estate and needed the wash.

What at first glance might appear to be a lighter faded area in the center of the carpet is actually rather dramatic tribal abrash. Abrash is a color variegation due to a change in wool dye batches. In this case the weaver used a grayish green contiguous with the indigo blue.

Rather than maintaining a monotone blue field on the carpet, the weaver displays an artistic flair by creating a painterly effect with asymmetrical color changes. Very unusual and a bit daring for a village rug of this era.

Wonderful bright bold floral motif with flowers glowing like small suns on the rug.

Natural wool on cotton warp. All natural dyes. 1890 to 1930.

Considering the age, the condition is very good. No holes or weak spots, and the organic colors still rich and vibrant. Soft luxurious wool.

Despite the decades of use, this is still a solid rug that could be used anywhere in the home or office. It might require a simple mesh pad to stay in place on a slippery wood or tile floor with active foot traffic.

Almost certainly woven by a tribal Kurdish weaver, possibly in the Hamadan district of Iran.

Exact size is 6 ft. 9 in. by 4 ft. 2 in. Shipping is $34 within continental U.S.

Last 2 photos show the back of the rug, including the contrast between the indigo blue and grayish blue green in the middle of the carpet.

Phantasmagoric mystic tribal art for your floor!

Please email me with questions or to request more photos. Thank you.

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