• Antique Kurdish Quchan Runner
  • Antique Guchan Runner
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  • Antique Kurdish Quchan Runner
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ON HOLD — Runner — Antique Kurdish Quchan Rug — 9 ft. 7 in. by 4 ft.


Antique Kurdish Runner with Rose & Diamonds Motif

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Lovely and elegant antique Kurdish village rug. The rug features diamond shaped compartments containing red flowers, undoubtedly roses.

Additionally, there are many small animal icons scattered in the border –and even a few woven onto roses–that appear to be mountain goats or rams, or possibly dogs.

General overall wear on the wool pile but no holes or thin spots. The side cords and ends have notable wear, and there are a few small repairs to bolster the side cords.

The colors result from an all-natural palette of fine and saturated dyes. Red dominates with several shades of brick-red madder. There are also blues, greens, browns, black, and a yellow most likely derived from larkspur (Delphinium sp.).

Exact size is 9 ft. 7 in. by 4 ft. Very old rug, dating from 1900 to 1920s.

Professionally washed. It came out of a European estate and had not been washed for some time.

Unlike the majority of Kurdish rugs, this one originates in the far northeast Khorassan Province, most likely from remote Quchan (also Guchan), which is near the border with Turkmenistan and its capital Ashgabat.

Natural wool on cotton warp.

Breath-taking art for your floor!

Kurdish weavers have an extraordinary tradition producing quality tribal rugs that are eye-catching, innovative, and durable.

The Kurds live mainly in the western parts of the country in the provinces of Kurdistan, Zanjan and Kermanshah.

Traditionally they were nomads but today most are settled, practicing agriculture and stock farming. The men wear distinctive outfits that include baggy pants and a wide belt. About five million Kurds live in this mountainous enchanted rug weaving nation; large Kurdish enclaves are also found in eastern Turkey and western Iraq.

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(GU0009 O136)