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  • Antique Persian Hosseinabad Rug
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  • Persian Antique Hamadan Rug
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ON HOLD — Persian Antique Village Hosseinabad Rug — 10 ft. 3 in. by 5 ft. 3 in.


Intricate Antique Persian Medallion Rug.

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Intricate antique village carpet displaying the traditional Herati field design with a center medallion.

The rug was woven in the region around Hosseinabad, and displays the classic motif and colors from this area.

The women of this region have been weaving similar versions of the design well back into the 19th century and earlier.

Fabulous natural colors including reds, blues, black, and green. Wide stylized turtle border (some describe it as a crab).

Very good condition — especially considering the age. Natural wool woven onto cotton warp.

There is a professional repair that is about 5 by 2 inches (shown with sunglasses in photo for scale). One end has some wear on the fringe but it has been professionally ‘end-stopped’ (last photo of the backside) to prevent any loss or unraveling of the weft.

Moderately thick and heavy with very little wear on the wool pile. No holes or weak areas. Side cords are in excellent shape and appear original.

The fringes, which represent the start and finish of the rug, have been rendered with different techniques. One end has a short loose fringe; the other is done in a woven kilim finish, and this normal for this area.

Exact size is 10 ft. 3 in. by 5 ft. 3 in. 1920s.

This is a sturdy rug and can be placed in a high foot traffic area.

Shipping within continental U.S. is $43. Or free pickup in Tucson, Arizona.

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(HS0005 O91)