• Persian Bird Motif Carpet
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  • Persian Bird Motif Carpet
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Large Persian Tribal Bird Rug — 9 ft. 6 in. by 6 ft. 10 in.


Amazing Tribal Bird Rug!

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Amazing cheerful Persian geometric rug featuring a bird and floral motif on a red field.

The brown appears to be natural undyed wool and it may be camel’s wool, which is often used instead of sheep’s wool for browns.

Overall very good condition with some scattered minor wear, including knot-heads. These are tiny bits of the white cotton weft that peak through the wool pile. Fairly minor on this rug but they could be ‘touched up’ to hide them very easily.

Some weaving techniques are a little more likely to reveal knot-heads than other techniques. In this carpet, the pile has been cut short to showcase the amazing design.

The rug is very solid and there are no holes or areas of wear that would weaken the rug.

The wool is woven onto cotton warp and weft.

As the motif is rare, a little hard to pinpoint precisely where it was woven in Iran. (Definitely a Persian village rug, however.)

Possibly a Luri tribal rug from west central Iran. The Luri are affiliated linguistically and culturally with the Bakhtiari people. Some of their motifs are similar to the Bakhtiari but they also show the influence of the Qashqai and Khamseh confederations in their textiles and rugs.

Also, possibly woven by the Shahsavan tribe (south of Tehran) or the Kurds of western Iran.

The rug is signed and dated.  The date is 1347 in the Persian calendar, which is 1968 in the Gregorian calendar. So we have a 50-year old rug still looking great for the age!

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(SH0002      O190)