• Persian Floral Runner Iran
  • Persian Floral Runner Iran
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Runner — Persian Indigo & Peach Rug — 9 ft. 10 in. by 3 ft. 5 in.


Enchanting floral runner from Central Iran.

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Enchanting and unusual vintage Persian runner with an central indigo field surrounded by a light peach field. Several other subtle colors including a soft brick red, green, gold, brown, yellow and turquoise.

The design features an intricate display of lovely flowers, and is most likely from the Malayer region of central Iran.

The carpet shows some wrinkling from being folded and will flatten out completely with use.

Condition is excellent for a vintage rug with only minor wear on the wool pile. The side cords and fringes are in fine shape.

Natural wool on natural cotton. 1960s – 1970s.

Exact size is 9 ft. 10 in. by 3 ft. 5 in.

Last photo with Morgan silver dollar shows the backside of the carpet.

Malayer region rugs demonstrate excellent variety and quality, and are highly regarded by collectors. Malayer (also Malayir) is south of Hamadan and west of Arak in central Iran. These rugs share much with Sarouk rugs but they are more diverse and imaginative.

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