• Amazing old Baluch Abrash Runner
  • Amazing old Baluch Abrash Runner

SOLD – Runner – Unusual Baluchi Rug with Mountain Goats – 6 ft. 2 in. by 1 ft. 10 in.


Astounding old Baluchi Tribal Rug with Mind-Bending Abrash!

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One of a kind tribal Baluch runner with a traditional motif, including a pair of goats or sheep on each end.

The amazing thing is the remarkable abrash, where the weaver has woven in traditional reddish brown wool on one end — and then switched to a white cotton and wool blend on the other end. This is not two rugs woven together; just a very striking mix of colors and abrash (variegation in dye batches).

Some wear on the light end but the rug remains nice and solid, and could be used in a busy hallway. Some wear or repair on the side border.

A very special carpet that displays like an abstract painting or a photograph along side its negative. (A Man Ray rayograph is a bit of a stretch, perhaps, but really the rug is quite a jolt.)

Narrow enough to fit into any hallway or niche.

This carpet was woven by a Baluchi weaver in Persian Baluchistan, which is in Southeast Iran.

Aside from the main field colors, the design includes black, orange and a little blue.

Natural wool woven onto cotton warp– with a cotton and wool pile mix on the white end. (In Iran, the Baluchi often use cotton for the warp, but among the nomadic Baluchi, the rugs are almost always woven entirely from wool.)

Exact size is 6 ft. 2 in. by 1 ft. 10 in. 1950s – 1960s.

Last photo with silver dollar shows the backside of the carpet.

Baluchi tribal weavers — also Balouch — reside in an arid desert region that adjoins Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. About half of Baluch people live in Baluchistan, a western province of Pakistan, and about 40% of the Baluch are settled in the Sindh Province.

They make up nearly 3.6% of the Pakistani population, about 2% of Iran’s population (1.5 million) and about 2% of Afghanistan’s population.

Most of their rugs are small to medium in size, hardly surprising for nomads often living out of tents, and feature dark colors. They mainly speak the Baluchi language, a branch of the Northwestern Iranian languages.

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