SOLD — Large Turkish Kayseri Rug — 12 ft. 4 in. by 8 ft. 6 in. — $649

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Highly detailed and finely woven vintage Kayseri rug from central Anatolia. Very good condition with a small repair on the side cord. Very little wear on the wool pile. Muted soft colors including brown, sage, blue, ivory and a few tiny accents of red.

The long cotton long fringe is original but shows little signs of wear. A little bit of light brown in a few spots on the fringe from slight dye diffusion when the rug was suspended for drying.

This is an estate rug that has been professionally washed. Enchanting art for your floor!

With its elegant interwoven design and muted colors, this large carpet would complement a range of styles from traditional and modern, to mid-century modern, Art Deco and Art Nouveau. Exact size is 12 ft. 4 in. by 8 ft. 6 in. — and that includes the longish fringe.

The Kayseri area is widely heralded for producing many of the finest handmade rugs in Anatolia and the world. 1960s – 1970s. In the book Contemporary Hand Made Turkish Carpets by Ugur Ayyildiz (1983), you can see a rug with an almost identical motif on page 41. In Turkey large rugs such as this one are known as Taban (over 6 square meters in size).

Price is $649 plus $69 for shipping. Free pickup is an option. Also, shipping may be less if you live close by.

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(KS0006 i15)

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