SOLD — Persian Rudbar Bird Runner — 13 ft. by 3 ft. 8 in. $695

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This is one of a small group of dazzling Persian bird motif runners from northwest Iran. They were woven in villages in the Rudbar district (also Roodbar), and feature blues, both dark and light, as the primary field color with birds and tree of life designs.

Expertly crafted with fine wool on cotton warp. Reds, turquoise, orange as accent colors. Excellent overall condition with almost no signs of wear. Small hardly noticeable repair on the side cord. 1970s.

This runner features a good deal of abrash (variegation in dye batch) in the darker colors and blues to render a painterly effect to the carpet.

Out of my personal collection. There are four of them in total and once they are gone, they are gone. It took me quite a while to assemble this group and I never see them these days. They are really wonderful tribal works of art from the mountains of northern Iran.

Rudbar means ‘by the river’ in Farsi. The Sepid river runs through the city of Rudbar.

Great opportunity for someone to pick up a couple of matched runners with a bird motif and fabulous tribal colors.

Price is $695. $45 shipping (heavy) with local pickup an option.

Please email me with questions or to arrange a purchase. Thank you.

(R00011     i15)

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