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  • kelardasht-kurdish-persian-bird-rug
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Persian Kelardasht Kurdish Bird and Goat Rug – 10 ft. by 7 ft.


Vivid red and blue Kurdish Medallion Rug! Iconic birds and mountain goats!

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Large and stunning village rug from Kelardasht in far north central Iran. The condition is very good some minor normal wear on the plush wool.

Simple but dazzling geometric motif with birds, flowers & goats. Moderately thick 100% natural wool woven onto cotton warp. 1960s.

Aside from the violet red, the main colors are black, blue,  a soft rose violet with highlights of green, yellow, ivory, orange, and crimson.

A wonderful tribal rug that is a perfect size for most rooms at 10 ft. by 7 ft.

Mind expanding art for your floor!

Kelardasht is a town of 11,000 people in the Mazanderan province near Roodbarak. Although the area is mountainous, it is just south of the Caspian Sea. Ethnographically, the area is populated by an enclave of Northern Kurds.

Based on the nature and quality of the rugs, and the cluster of Northern Kurds around Kelardasht, some experts believe that these people are refugees pushed out of the Caucasus in the 19th and early 20th century, and may have originated near Karabagh.

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(KL0025    O163)