SOLD — Moroccan Red Crimson ‘Fractal’ Medallion Rug — $395

MC0029_7-9x5_O18_06w MC0029_7-9x5_O18_07w

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A Moroccan handmade rug with a kaleidoscopic central medallion and intricate border — on a vivid crimson red field. Wool woven onto wool warp, which is more common in Moroccan rugs.

Handmade rugs from Morocco are less common than their Persian and Turkish counterparts. Last photo shows the back and the export tag. The quality is described, in French, as “extra superieure” and the design as “moderne”. The tag is dated 8 Jan 1384; converting from the Hijri calendar to the Gregorian calendar dates it to 1964. So the rug was woven in the early 1960s for export to Europe.

The rug was a little grubby coming out of an estate so I had it professionally washed.

Vintage rug in excellent condition with very little signs of wear to the medium thick wool pile.

If you include the fringe, the rug is 7 ft. 9 in. by 5 ft.

Moroccan rugs are quite popular with contemporary designers, and because of their limited availability, they can be quite pricy.

Moroccan weaving has been influenced by Turkish and to a lesser extent Persian weaving. Many of the rugs from Morocco are made by Berber tribal people weaving in the Atlas Mountains and feature geometric motifs.

This rug, however, is more formal and professional, and was woven for export rather than tribal use.

With its bold cheerful colors this carpet could easily light up the dullest room. Spectacular art for the floor!

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Price is $395. Shipping is $43.

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(MC0029 O18)

SOLD — Tribal Moroccan Berber Rug — 10 ft. 8 in. by 5 ft. 5 in. $750

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Stunning old vintage tribal rug from Morocco. Based on colors and motif, this one is probably from the village of Rehamna. 100% natural wool with long tassels from the braided warp on one end (they are usually only on one end). 1940s. (There is an old faded export tag that looks like it can be translated to 1951 in the Gregorian calendar.)

The reds have muted from sunlight and aging on the top side. (see last photo which shows back folded over front) Floating asymmetrical diamonds and geometric icons against the red field. This is heavy and thick but a softer supple weave lacking rigidity– so not ideal for a high traffic area. Similar in respects to the traditional tribal Qashqai gabbeh rugs of Iran.

Professionally washed a couple of years ago and not used since being cleaned.

Sad to let this one go from my collection but have to find homes for some of these fabulous old carpets. Enchanted art for your floor! 10 ft. 8 in. by 5 ft. 5 in. (includes tassels in length).

Price is $750.   Shipping is $43 within the continental U.S.


Please email me with questions or to arrange purchase. Thank you.

(MC0003 O282)