SOLD — Persian Shahsavan Geometric Rug — 10 ft. 6 in. by 6 ft. 7 in. — $775


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Most of the Shahsavan tribe lives in northwest Iran near the city of Ardabil and Dashteh Moghan. However, dispersed groups of Shahsavan also live in central Iran near Saveh, Karmsar, and Varamin. In Farsi, Shahsavan means “those who love the Shah”. This was a 17th century title bestowed on warriors from these tribes for their loyalty and diligence in defending the northern borders of Persia.

As well as beautiful geometric carpets, the Shahsavan weavers produce many functional pieces such as saddle bags, mafrash bags, and animal covers. These textiles are often woven in the kilim and soumak style.

This stunning Shahsavan geometric carpet was probably woven near Saveh, which is about 80 kilometers south of Tehran. The color palette and design elements share much in common with Shahsavan rugs from the more northern regions around Ardabil.

Wool pile woven onto cotton warp. Some very minor wear. Soft and harmonious colors including salmon, ivory, blue and green. A large and impressive room size tribal textile. Exact size is 10 ft. 6 in. by 6 ft. 7 in.

Price is $775. Shipping is $55 or free pickup is an option in this area.


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(SA0001 O9)

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