• Milas Blue and Purple Prayer Rug
  • Milas Prayer Rug
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  • Milas Blue and Purple Prayer Rug
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Turkish Village Prayer Rug — SOLD — — 6 ft. 1 in. by 3 ft. 5 in.


Mesmerizing Blue and Violet Turkish Prayer Rug.

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Medium sized ivory, rust red, blue and violet — purple prayer rug, most likely from the Milas region. Hooked medallions on an indigo blue field.

Overall condition is excellent.

This rug displays a traditional Turkish prayer rug motif. Turkish rugs are known by their sizes and prayer rugs are typically seccade size (around 180 cm by 130 cm).

The exact size of this rug is 6 ft. 1 in. by 3 ft. 5 in.

1970s. 100% natural wool.

Milas rugs are woven on the southwestern Aegean region of Turkey near Bodrum. Carpet weaving has a long history in western Anatolia.

Traditional dyes include agricultural products such as apricots and walnuts. The yarn is also sometimes dyed with vegetable colors derived from the tobacco plant and Valonia oak, resulting in shades predominantly beige, brown and yellow.

Milas carpets tend to include narrow central panels with wide borders, and the designs are an elegant mix of geometric and floral patterns. The warp, weft and all the knots in Milas rugs are made from pure wool.

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